Project: Tax Office

  • Client: Tax Office
  • Date: 2007

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Stephan has been leading the Microsoft Community within LogicaCMG's Result Centre for some time and was therefore asked to provide input into Bid for LogicaCMG to implement a "Software Factory" at the Dutch Tax Office. Because LogicaCMG had implement its own software factory (Result Centre), we were in a really good position to deliver a very competitive bid.

His role in the bid team was to specify all the Microsoft practices that are needed to streamline software delivery and to get an order of magnitude of pricing for the costs involved in implementing those practices.

The scope if the processes was extensive, as it needed to deliver everything from requirements, to testing, to writing code, deployment and operations/support. Microsoft provided full time assistance from one of their consultants. This close collaboration might have sparked Stephan's interest in the processes that go across the full ALM Lifecycle.

The chapter about the Microsoft tooling and processes was well received and together with all the other chapters made LogicaCMG win the 4 year strategic contract.

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