Project: Credience

  • Client: Credience
  • Date: 2009

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This project was of short duration as it managed to deliver all results far within expected timeframes, providing the client with a strong partnership with a major US International.

Stephan's role was to work with the off-shoring teams to implement a POC while using IT Practices to increase the organisations maturity and thereby reducing running costs across all teams.

The willingness of the teams involved, the management support and Stephan's experience in applying theory made this project over succeed time after time.

During a casual catch-up the CEO mentioned that a year after the engagement those practices are still in place and the team have been able to build on the foundations provided to them, delivering even more value on an ongoing basis.

"... Apart from Stephan's technical skills, he is also a great leader, as all my teams enjoy working with him and learned to adopt state of the art practices increasing the company's' IT maturity. His positive attitude towards all obstacles helped the Mathemetrica Group partner with a US multinational."

Aldo Torranto, CEO Mathemetrica Group

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