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Stephan Dekker

Stephan has been working in the IT industry for 15+ years, starting developing embedded soft- and hardware before moving on to business applications. He has a passion for process improvements and has implemented process improvement frameworks several times at enterprise organisations.

Leading teams either as a project manager, technical project lead or as an agile coach is something he does intuitively. His comfort zone is using Microsoft Tooling and frameworks to deliver high quality software, but other languages, operating systems and frameworks are within his capabilities.

He successfully delivered several high profile projects, including one that Microsoft published a case study about, he organised a Silverlight Codecamp with people attending from across the globe and now leads the Global ALM Community.

Stephan has a wife and daughter which he loves to spend time with when he is not geeking away behind the laptop, sailing, riding his motorbike or renovating the house.
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Latest Works

Agile Coach

An Agile Coach is a critical role in helping leaders, teams or individuals understand, adopt and improve Agile methods and practice.

Stephan applied his extensive agile knowledge across several projects and BAU teams to coach them in their transition.

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Microsoft ALM Rangers

to accelerate the adoption of Visual Studio with out-of-band solutions for missing features. In addition, our secondary goal is to provide the opportunity for selected Microsoft consultants, support resources and partners to interact with product group experts so we can learn from our field and partners using Visual Studio ALM products and features with customers.

ALM Rangers provide the bulk of our resources which come from volunteer subject matter experts. Typically, they spend their private hours to do the Rangers project work, and, not just anyone is invited to participate:

"Rangers need to be knowledgeable about Visual Studio and ALM, have the desire to strengthen the community, and contribute regularly."

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NAVIGATE is the Continuous Improvement Program for Wholesale Banking of National Australia Bank. Stephan is responsible for "Inspiring" the internal communities to increase productivity and quality for the IT Service Delivery.

This program is highly succesful with 20% of all employees participating (Instant adoption!), delivering many productivity improvements like 6% across all developers, reducing testing efforts from 4 weeks to 4 hours for certain project, introducing Continuous Delivery patterns and Agile methodology across the business unit and beyond, etc.

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